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Quickworship.com offers many features that can assist your church in preparing.

Upload Chord Charts

Deliver lyrics, chord carts, by email to team members in a click of a button.

Song Database

Quickly find lyrics, chord charts & tracks in a few click for you & all of your team.

Watch Song Training

Now your team can watch training videos of how to play or sing a specific song.

Listen to Songs

Listen to songs off the website, no more buring CDs.

CCLI Count

Our software will automatically keep track of how many times a song has...

About Us


Welcome to our QuickWorship.com! Our online based system is intended to help worship directors and pastors save time by organizing all of their songs, lyrics, tasks, and anything else related to the worship team that they are directing.

Meet Joe and Anneke Jones,  they have been involved in worship ministry for many years. Regardless of the different environments they found that there was always room for improvement and so QuickWorship was born.  The Bible states that "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might" - Ecclesiates 9:10. So how can we possibly accomplish this if all of our valuable time is spent on organizing our team members and making sure everyone has the materials required each and every Sunday? QuickWorship makes worship planning more efficient by organizaing all your tasks and ultimately lets you focus on your main goal: spending more time in worship.

Don't forget to take advantage of our 90 day trial offer to see how our system can benefit you! If you have any inquiries you can email us at info@quickworship.com.

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We offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with our software within the first 90 days, we will issue you a full refund.

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Our pricing structure is based on the size of your congreation. This gives everyone the opportunity to use QuickWorship.com.

Plans start as low as $5 per month.

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