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Software Helping Churches

"Software Helping Churches Organize Their Worship" offers many features that can assist your church in preparing worship orders & sets. is an online based system created to make day to day elements of worship planning simple and stress free. Our system allows worship planning to become a joy instead of a daily routine. Spend more time in worship less in planning!
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Comment Posted By User rooftopeagle
on 03/02/2010.......

Wow it's to quiet around this good piece of software!!!

It's made sharing information for my church's worship team so much easier! I work the sound and powerpoint dept for our Church's worship team and before this software came along we had to organize email addresses and make sure the email of songs went to the right teams and the right people. Since I like to have the service set up well before it starts I was having trouble getting the emails on time to get my work done. Now with this software I get the emails as soon as they are available and are sent out to the teams making it easier to get the lyrics and other information into our EasyWorship program. I get the email, put the songs in the system at home through the EasyWorship program on my home computer and bring it to the church ready to go on Sunday on my thumb drive, transfer the file and I'm ready to go.

There is no longer a need to chase down the worship leader for that week to get all the songs, I don't have to go to practice since I don't do anything other than get the music. It's so convenient!

Highly recommended stuff!

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